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Rated: PG

By: Jeremy K
sandblasted end table with
animal tracks (view 1)

Top view of 1/4" plate top of end table with 3 styles of animal tracks stamped into the plate about a 3/32" deep, all edges of the top plate are upset. JK-3/29/07

Japanese "Spring Hammer

Anvil Stand

Stand Details from pritchel holes


Light 6 Pounder

Tongs I made for Blue Ridge Community College

Light 12 Pounder with Limber

Ammunition Wagon

Saw Tooth Chandilier

Cannon Rosette

Fire Place Screen Doors

Thumb Latches

Toaster and Broiler

Stag Horn Hinges

Decorative Bracket

Marc's forge.

Marc's forge
with ends open

At work forging at the 4B

Sign Hanger Broadview

Head View Sign Hanger

Welcome to NH

Steam Hammer

Copper Rose

Red Copper Rose

Patio Light

3 more copper roses

First Basket Handle

2nd Basket Handle

Nail Headers and Nails

Tongs and square corners

Fire Tending Tools

Flux spoons

Second Pair of Tongs #1

Second Pair of Tongs #2

Mike's Burner

Knives & Pig-tail Flippers

The inside of an acetylene cylinder.

GEOFF KEYES style hammer
in a very messy barn.

Trip Hammer

Motor mount and linkage

Different view of linkage.

Iron Kiss 90-Pound
Utility Hammer

Anvil sow block, die details

Tool/parts tray and stand

My forging area

My Striker Maul

Odd Tongs

Odd Tongs Again

Making a Ladle

More utensils

Brass Bowl Utensils

Tasting Spoon

Me in front of my shop
my house in background

I keep trying , my shop

Chain Links and Rings

Railroad Spike Tasting Spoon

Pointer with Faceted Cube Top and Twist

Spork with twisted Handle

Spork after descaling and polishing

Steel Magnolia

Day Lilly Sculpture

My shop

gate by John outlaw

pine cone

oyester knife

travelin forge



Finished Rose

Water quench 5160

Abby's Rose Painted and in a Vase

Close up

NOT Approved Respirator cooler

Not Approved resp. guts

Birddog Forge

Some of the tools

Some of the post drills

Blade grinding JIG

Me an my first "Kinyon style" air hammer

Garage door spring

JA hammer air switch

Plumbing on JA hammer

Hand Hammer

handled tools

Tai Chi Sword

Tai Chi Sword II

Quad State

Bob Cook, John Larson
and the Iron Kiss Hammer

Quad State

Quad State gallery

Quad State gallery

Quad State gallery


Sling Wagon

Sling Wagon Gear Box

Ligonier's Travelling Forge

Ligonier's Travelling Forge

wood working tools

First Calipers


more knives

last one

Mystery Dies

2nd Picture of Mystery Dies


Door Knocker

Gas forge burner

Pete Renzetti's graver setup

Door Knocker 2

spurs wuth dog heads

Dog spurs#2

2X72 girnding sander

ATS34 with Dyed Box Elder
nickel silver furiture

My big brothers knives

Pony pipe hold down

Detail view

Tools for the surgeon

BGCM 20th Anniversary Chain Link Project

First Batch of Lillies

Best of the bunch

4 Candle Chandelier

Rock Textured
Picture Frame

Stock Support Stands

Stock Support Stand


jig for holding RR spike

Stock Holder

Ny State fair 2004

Flintlock, from scratch, no kit

Flintlock detail


Was Leaf Spring


Made to Fit

Split Cross

Place to Hang your Hat or Coat


At my NM Cabin on My Thoroughbred

Cluttered Heaven

40 X 60 14' High


Tool Holding Stand

Loaded tool stand

My 200# Hay Budden

200# Hay Budden

Split Cross & Hammer

Trade item

magnolia ready for finish

by Meck Hartfield member of our guild

My first damuscus knife try
another trade item

Six of BGCM's 8 Forges at FEB Meeting

BGCM's FEB Trade Items

Helen & Chuck Bennett (sandpile)

Last Filly I rode for the public, sandpile

Tanner's buckle

A pair I just finished

Brian working in his shop


three twist

Three Twists (Actually a wave and 2 Twists )

Tom C's Shop

Tom C's Shop

Tom C's Shop

Tom C's Shop

1st fire in the forge

1st fire in the forge

Unloading Rogers grinder

4 Wave Twist

forged pieces ready to
put together for a trivit

start of assembly

final assembly of trivit

5/8" sq. drilled on 2 sides
and incised on 2 sides

pc.'s of 8 trivit

Snow on Superstition Mtn.

My Quadstate Traveling Money?

Grinder Overall

Grinder Top Detail

Grinder Bottom Detail

Snow on Superstition Mtn.


Cowboy forged by Gordon Williams


Horseshoe Bootjack

Another View of Bootjack

Back side of collar

Boot jack

BGCM 20th Anniversary Chain

A Pair of Hooks - BGCM March Trade Item

Sandpile's trivet

Mike Sweany and
Gerald Franklin

Chuck Bennet (Sandpile)
and Tommy Dean

Mills, Gerald Franklin,
Jr Strassil and Freddie H.

Rudik Anatoliy Making a Rose

Rudik Anatoliy Tying a Knot

Knot by Rudik Anatoliy

Adjustable Anvil Stand (Low Position)

Adjustable Anvil Stand (High Position)

Fort George

Fort George

Fort George

Flypress Tooling

Other Flypress Tooling

Tim's Hammer

Johnboy and Dixie

My new 255lb Trenton

Hacksaw frame 1

Hacksaw frame 2

Flypress Tooling

Flypress Tooling

Flypress Bottom Swage



Diagonal Peen by Jim Joyce

Aluminum Dragon

John's Dragon


Bending Angles

One pull of the press. 3/16 X 1" flat


Bending circles 3/8" Sq




Set hammer edge

Towel Rack preping for twist




Rasplesnake ready to bend

Finished Towel Rack

test flower

Eating Forks

test flower #2

Trade Item Participants After the Exchange

Dave Fisher Forging with his John Larson Ironkiss

Before You ask

Dave Forging an Acorn

Iron Gator

Gator Close Up

Fancy Tap

little blacksmith

little engineer

RR spike holder

Rake Sun

Door Hinge

This is the first set
of tongs I've made

This is the first set
of tongs I've made

This is the first set
of tongs I've made

Ram Guide Drawing

A Close Fuller

Another View

Another View

Multi Purpose Tongs

Another View

Another View

Wagon Shed Hinges

Passage Dooor Hinges

Cane Bolt

Mouse carrier

Rudik Anatoliy Forging Dragon

Rudik Anatoliy Forging Dragon

Dragon at Home in Fire




Streeter Style Eye Bender

Streeter Style Eye Bender

Streeter Style Eye Bender

Streeter Style Eye Bender

gas forge

hinge bender

hinge bender

Mules head on
Sandpile's razor

Deer antler handled razor

Deer antler handled razor

new hunter

Flypress Tooling S-7 and D-2 for flatters

Flypress Tooling S-7 and D-2 for flatters

Another View of Flypress tools and a hoofpick

gas forge


Fly Press and Stand

Fly Press and Stand

New (to me anyway) hammer

Hoof Picks

My 1978 Ford 420 Diesel Tractor

My 1978 Ford 420 Diesel Tractor

Quadra Pein Hammer

Quadra Pein Hammer

Diamondback rattler

Morgon Horse and I

Another View of Traveler, my Morgan

Top Rail Test Pieces

Homemade propane forge

another view of homemade forge

BGCM 20th Anniversary Railing

BGCM 20th Anniversary Railing

Forged Blade as Oil Quenched

Poor picture of Ground and Polished Blade

Coke Oven Rake and Scraper

Coke Oven Rake and Scraper

Corning Rever Store
sign bracket

Corning Rever Store
sign bracket

Better picture of 0-1 Blade

Small benders

Small benders

start of a forging project

another pic of
a forge project

candle Holder

small forging project

small forging project

Front view of forging job

side view

1st cable blade

Antler handled fireplace tools

Antler firetools, again

6 inch heat in 18 seconds

My demo trailer ready to travel

My demo trailer set up, ready to go

Exterior view of my shop

10' Ferris Wheel

cheese board/mold board

makin' a few tongs

ring jigs

more ring jigs

another view of jig

pipe bending dies - splitter

splitter header

acorn accessory

angle iron shoe

Hossfeld die on platten

flypress station

flypress tool holders

new forge

Forge side draft

New Truck with Tent

Father's Day Present

Blacksmith's Get Well Card

Accurate forging

clamp cage tools

circle cutter

Ball pein

block tools

Cutting tools

Hammer Pein/fullers

Punching tools

Slitting tools


OA circle cutter

Trim Development

Edge detail tool

Sample of edge detai

bottom detail of sconce

preparing to pour babbit

Filing babbit

finished bottom bearings

1903 Hawkeye Helve
hammer as purchased

new wood base for the Hawkeye Helve

painting parts

anvil for the
Hawkeye Helve

50lb LG

view of poured
top bearing caps

painted Hawkeye
Helve parts

Shutter Hinges and Hardware

custom damascus hunter

Heres another un --

sconce on light table

sconce on black bkgrnd

Wire rope knife

Wire rope knife

belt pattern 1

belt pattern 2

flat sander1

flat sander2

flat sander3

flat sander4

twisting machine

Seen an anvil like this?

finished wrist pin

Used Oilers

plain ol Bill

more twisted sister

still more!

another one
(last one folks)

Possible air loss

Birdogs 500lb Fisher.
Cut out for production line ?

Birdog & 50lb Fairbanks

Fairbanks goody basket



mill parts

more mill parts


timing pawl

pawl tooth

Wedding Ring

Glass mold?

Hawkeye Power Hammer

The Hawkeye and I

Rubik's Cube twist

molten glass hits textured plate

Rolling glass into bottom of lens area

Thick lens

Thin lens

lining up for boring
an old casting/part

u hooks to mount forge cart axle

New Forge and Stand


new 3 burner blown forge

Beer Keg Slack Tub after Plasma Cutting

propane feeds

forge hook up & tools

recent couple

Wavey Bars

top and bottom tools

Special Hammer

Another View

Treadle Hammer

Treadle Head

Treadle Cushion Spring

Treadle Draw Dies

taper tool

pipe die sketch

Pipe Fuller

Home built two wheel dolly

Comparison of 2 wheeled dollies

Roll stand

Roll stand converted

Lantern to duplicate

Wrecking bar hawk
maple handle

Thor on Truck

Thor on Forklift

Thor moving into shop

Thor moving into shop

forge trailer details

forge trailer details

forge trailer details

forge trailer details


another view of the strawberries

1st and 2nd strawberry

saw fixture for rounds

square stock saw fixture

3 styles of handle patterns

making handles ahead

Flatters & fried egg tool

Scott Forge

saw jig - back

saw jig - front view

saw jig in the saw

mitre/angle fences

jig in saw

3" Bottom swage, tapered v-block, v-fuller

Bottom tools-another view



Clamp cage on LG

clamp cage tooling

1080 and nickel foil, cocobolo

flypress table

Fence, Strippers & spacers

kiss block in clamp cage

pineapple base

pineapple close-up

Pineapple texturing stamp

the start of adding the leaves

the setting of the final leaf cluster

the final pineapple

Table lamps

More From Bird dog Forge


RR Spike Tongs

side set tongs

Dave Hammer

John's hammer site

Thomas, Melody, and Patrick

slit & drift demo grille

pipe forming tool

Negative of picture

Reforged hammers

spike tongs

Bender and Sinking Form

Rasp snake

Nigerian items

customer site w rail

finished rail from negative

swaged handle

Tool Holder

Tool Holder Another view

More trays

lathe tool

surface grinder w/ 2x72 belt conversion

Wheel Hub Hoop (band) w/Dust cover

Hoop w/ Dust Cover opened

Wheel Hub Hoop w/Dust Cover

Wheel Hub Hoop w/Dust Cover opened

Forged Pear

Forged Pear or Threesome?

Outer Hoops with Dust Covers for 3 Wagons

Playground set

Close up of the spire point

Extra point

Bottom tool for swaging pipe

What can you do with 55 gal. drum and pipe?

Candle Stand.

Another look at a rose vase

Close up of roses

One of the skids that came with the massey

another of the skids that came with the massey

box of tongs that came with the massey

Bruce Godlesky's
great Buffalo Forge

miniature spoon

Railroad spike hook

Double Exposure

BGCM Trade Items from Nov 19th Meeting

Motorcycle Chain Knife

installation staple option

stairway railing end

railing end scroll fixture


edge groove tooling

return scroll w/ hand tool

return scroll

railcap air hammer die

test fitting grab rail

grab rail fitting

forming grab rail

Best Hammer Money Can Buy!!
Do I Hear $2000...

detail of railing end

detail of railing side

railing for stairway opening

detail of center area

detail of center

finished grab rail

another view of grab rail

weld area of the grab rail

finished return

final stairway

Hanging pot rack

installed pot rack

Cable Damascus

5 Happy Jr ROTC Guys

Jr ROTC - Their first hooks

Cocobolo,W2 steel with brass pins

Snake by Jr ROTC Ace

Stainless shim & guide plate

Seal Splice

Ram & Guide

waxed sconce series


my 1st attempt at a Bill Epps style longhorn

a "Sandpile" inspired steak flipper from a spike

Leaf handled poker

Hawkeye Helve Base

pulling hammer out

Loading ram w ring compressor

setting tup cushion

Cellar way gate

insizeing press

Cable Damascus Jewelry

John Fee n
Henry Offermann

Rolling Along

Strakes for 12 Wagon Wheels & other Pieces Parts

Strake and nail layout

Rear Axle

CMB X-Mas Party

34 Ford built in 1965

Untwisted Bolts


UHMW hammer guides


Grinder Rack


Demo Forge

Swing away drill press

swing away drill press

Mobile weld table

swing away welder
mount for my mig

My saw alley

Woodford Reserve Heron

Rose Tripod

Ball Bat resistant mailbox

Scroll drilling jig


Oilers, manifolds & runway

verticle forge floor

7 foot planner/jig table

jiging a left & right

round work made easy

perfect miters

Metal Brake

plumb legs to feet

jigging between pins

T Slot Table

Table Tooling Drawer

T Slot Fixtures

miniature long leg brace

miniature long leg brace

clamps & fence

Welder's third hand

used sideways

vice grip acces.

third hand magnet

90 degree elipse marger

angle marker for pipe

5/16 generic handles

shank shock absorber

punch handles

punch handles

Nathan's handle idea

Jingle Bells

Bell with Leaf Motif

Hanging tool handles

Blank to Bell

Welding Table

More handles

tools from stelco

cheap touch up gun









Memorial for an old mule man

Open handle design

My third hand, tooling rack

My third hand, tooling rack and..

Repousse (spl?) Tools- SOFA 2006

Repousse(spl?) Tools
Discriptive Card- SOFA 2006


RR Spike Skier

Vertical sawmill hardware

Lantern Gear

8' bench

stag party

Running Gear near completion

Pole Ironwork

Hound Irons

Detail of Hound Iron with "apron"

Weld couplet

CMB Hammer Making Class

Latest one

top of the latest one

In the heated shop

Horseshoe Nail Crosses

oil lines run on utility bar


more of my stones

more of my stones

more of my stones

more of my stones

Bill Epps' demo at Quad State 2006

Me, Tom Clark, and Tsur Sudan at Quad State 2006

Tom Clark's swage block and stand

John Larson and his
awesome air hammer

Tom Clark's air hammers

HorseshoeNail Cross

It Ain't Heavy, It's My Anvil!

D-Ski's Christmas Tree Ornament

Lucian Avery

Side draft


another flatter

crew less one

Tong making tool

Setting a shoulder

anvil bick

Rich's picture

High class coffee warmer

Great teacher

Nuther one

New pic


Toe Taps, top (hidden) side

Toe Tap Blanks

Full Set


copper rose sandblasted

Oxy-propane cart

oxy-propane cart #2

Alva Fence

Alva Fence

Alva Fence

test fitting of railing panel

01 and Va. maple

test of woodtick stamping

big chopper

Sheath w/ carving & stamping

Auction items


sandblasted end table with
animal tracks (view 1)

sandblasted end table with
animal tracks (view 2)

sandblasted end table with
animal tracks (view 3)

sandblasted end table with
animal tracks (view 4)

sandblasted end table with
animal tracks (view 5)

Hat Rig


Animal track stamps

close - up of
animal track stamps

Snails and Cross from Horseshoe Nails

Mike Linn's Snail from Demo at Furnace Town

Furnace Town Mike Linn Cross

Furnace Town Mike Linn Candle Holder

Furnace Town Mike Linn Copper Fitting DogWood

Furnace Town Mike Linn Trammel Hook

Furnace Town Mike Linn Rams Head Poker

Furnace Town Mike Linn Anchor

Rubber cushion size chart

power hammer handle

power hammer tool2

Boot Licking Dragon Boot Scraper

Boot Licking Dragon Boot Scraper Detail







Just another plain
ol guy working

setting up for babbit pour

gold filling on the main bearing cap

mini scaffold used to
get up to working height


simple floral stake

Air vise for grinding

air vise

Last shot of air vise

knife holding vise

Another shot of the knife vise

knife file working vise

Grinding table to catch grit

Press set up for
damascus patterning

Move around vise stand

Home made knife grider

Home made knife grinder

Knife grinder

Knife grinder

Knife grinder

KMG grinder

Horizontal grinder

Pure nickel and 1080 steel

American Tool Works Drill



finished end table

candle chandelier

4 Day BS-101 Class at Carroll County Farm Museum

28-28 Apr BGCM Forge Welding Class

Dana's pedal grinder

4 Day Beginners Class Work

Forge Welding Class Work

Turtle Before He Was Soup

close-up of the crankshaft area on the Hawkeye

almost finished Hawkeye Helve Hammer

candle chandalier

Longhorn hat hooks

carpenters hatchet



rollers & table burners

Steve Parker bending tool

Pipe tapering shoe tools

Taper tools in action








My Mobile welding service

Effective Forging Hammer

new forge

Little Lighter

Forged Cross Peen

special tongs

5/16 Round Cold Bent with Flypress

3/8 round getting right angle bend

3/8 round finished bend

Cutler's Hammer

Special Made Hammer

water trap - to close to
potential heated metal

water trap bowl after
exposed to heated bar

Custom Hammer for a Bladesmith

My first real anvil(s)

Top of Hay Budden

Top of Mouse Hole

Shop mascot

New Anvils in Forge




Power Hammer School Class Pic

PTPiddler with Bowie he made

Tong Making 1

Tong Making 2

Tong Making 3

Tong Making 5

Tong Making 6

Tong Making 7

Side Set

Breaking Edges

Cut Off with Hack

Bending Fork

Drawing Wedge

Class Tools

Home Again- - Ah Summer!

gas saver on press station

tool holder

vertical tool rack

Gazinta and Gazonta tool fixtures

Porta band as
vertical bandsaw

Porta Band mount



Forging at Gravendal



silversmith stamps

A nice pair.

First time using the new forge.

First time using the new forge.

Art Nouveau Sconce

ball swage results

V blocks

drop on bick

flare from bick

Power fuller & result

pipe shoes for drawing

BIG Anvil

steel & brass

An Octagon 100 under construction

Here you can compare the
hammer in the making with

the welded billets

Horseshoe Nail Heart Pendants

Wagon Rail Parts

Making the vertical parts

Draft Bolts

Wing Nuts

Break Chain Hooks

universal tool holder

Doug Merkel Demo

Power Hat

Power Hammer maestros at work

Murderers Row

The Fee cafe

Work gang

Honest Bob and Old Moose

Quad State

The dented copper vessel

Close up of dent

The snarling iron

The vessel after bumping out

Dad's old welding table (Before)

Dad's old welding table (After)

Nother folder

My first hammer
Chain Saw Chain Damascus

Hammer Billett

saw jig for tool steel or block sawing

Hammer In T Shirt

modular sawhorse

Sawhorse "Gazinta"

Saltfork Craftsmen ABA
raffel tool box - front

Saltfork Craftsmen ABA
raffel tool box - back

Saltfork Craftsmen ABA
raffel tool box - handles

Saltfork Craftsmen ABA
raffel tool box - hinges

Saltfork Craftsmen ABA
raffel tool box - Inside 1

Saltfork Craftsmen ABA
raffel tool box - Inside 2

Saltfork Craftsmen ABA
raffel tool box - Inside 2

Demo pieces

Raffle item

Quad State Demo

Auction item

Tin Hammer

my new Grizzly belt sander/grinder

My new gasser from Chile Forge

what kinda hammer is this??

forged dice

Laser Raising Aid

Church Latch

More church latch

The old church latch

Last of the church latch

Saw blade fixture

Tongs and fixture

Nathan Robertson
Power Hammer Class

Steves Diamond

Finished diamond


solid hammered railing

solid hammered handrailing

solid hammered handrailing

solid hammered handrailing

Mills' Mobile Welding
and Bridge Service

Cattail fence

portable set up

different portable

Weather Vane

Floral form

Forged Diamond

Forged Diamond

Center punched gate

Forge weld



Acorn and Oak Leaf

splitter to consider

Steel & Brass Utensils

A couple of afternoons
work on trowels.






Alva Centennial project

Centennial Fence crown

Kitchen utensils

As Forged

After Sanding Cleanup

Candle stick


Church screen

Treasure chest project

Treasure Chest Project

burner by Sweany

Broke Arm

Broke Arm 2

Broke Arm 3

Vertical forge

forging press

forging press (again)

squaring dies

Cutting dies

Primary dies for forge press

Radial damascus pattern

Heat treating salt pot

Burner view of salt pot

short leg bending

Bent Part on Die

Short Flange Bend Done

Early utensils

Final finish for bronze

Completed Pirate Chest

Flypress and Leather Working

Leather Working on Flypress

Fl;ypress Leather Working

Flypress Leather Working Tools

Slate top coffee table

spring arm for beaudry bernell test Re

Beaudry #4 PH How it works

Oak Fire Screen


Ol' timey climate control

Another one?!


Big ol' spoon




wire rope w/elk/copper

what are they?

Trade Item Dec 07

Tinsmithing Tools

Beaudry #4 PH arm forging

Beaudry #4 PH arm forging

Beaudry #4 PH arm forging

Branding iron

Branding iron

Beaudry #4 PH arm forging

Beaudry #4 PH arm forging

Beaudry #4 PH arm forging

Buffalo Forge #2N Angle and T cutter

Beaudry #4 PH arm forging

Beaudry #4 PH arm forging

Beaudry #4 PH arm forging

Beaudry #4 PH arm forging

Beaudry #4 PH arm forging

Beaudry #4 PH arm forging

Beaudry #4 PH arm forging

Phoenix Scroll fence

Phoenix Scroll fence

phoenix Scroll fence

Beaudry #4 PH arm forging

wire rope

Fireplace Screen

Art Nouveau Chandelier

close up & finish

Lower cover

sconces in place

To Kim for Nathan

Jingle Bells

Rush Lamp

Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron

tig plug

Hippie Chick holding the hangers

Close up of coat hangers

A cars worth of hangers

Tumbler from dumpster diving

Tapered Pipe Swage

Tapered Pipe Swage Tool

Tapered Pipe Swage
Tool - other view


boring axle shoulders

roller pocket

roller sockets

two other style
pipe tapering dies

117 degree v block
for tapering pipe

Shop made ring roller

Pattern weld

Wide view of tire drive

General arrangement

Drive wheel

Rear of drive

Close up of the pivot

Required safety Hood

turnbuckle adjuster

Drop on

Needs daylight

Forged Leaf hinges from angle

swing out tool tray

4 inch fullering jig

Front entry door for FLA

Fire Screen


Cabinet Pulls

New folder





Wizard coat rack

Close up of a wizard coat holder

hoop roller 1

hoop roller 2

hoop roller 3

Dave Boyer and Rich Waugh

Steve & Ralph forging

Bending jig

Large Twist

Large Twist

Large twist

Large Twist

TP Holder

TP #2

The Bathroom

Repousse in 14ga cold-rolled

Experiment in Stainless

Back of stainless sample

Pic Frame

Frame Joint Detail

Wall Sconce

Wall Sconce 3/4 View

My First Sucessful Folder

Folder in Closed Position

Folder and "Fixed Position"
Folder Prototype

Welder loaded on the truck

Chess Set

Chess Set 2


hammer dies

hammer die measurements


Snow on Superstitions

Alwin Wagener in the process of forge welding...

One Piece Rose demo board

Bear Head

My mini anvil

Cala Lilly Candlesticks

Cala Lilly Candlesticks

Cala Lilly Candlesticks Detail

bending jig options

Hard bending shoe

easy bending shoe

bending shoes. explination

Latest modification to double horn anvil

110 pound Double Horn Anvil

rebore roller axles

cutting roller pocket

All the milling done

ready to bend roller end

first arm fully bent

arm match

Ceramic Mug I made for Dan Boone's

All the Mugs we made

The workhorse

Octagon 150 hammer head

Octagon 150 hammer head

Octagon 150 hammer head

Octagon 150 hammer head

Octagon 150 Hammer Head

Octagon 150 Hammer Head

Champion 400 all dressed up

Octagon 150

Octagon 150

Octagon 150

Drop Pin Butt Hinges

four wraps, mild steel with 6150 bits.

Little Giant die adaptors

Pocket glass fireplace door screens

Pocket glass fireplace door screens

Pocket glass fireplace door screens

Pocket glass fireplace door screens

LG die adaptors





old "tooling dies"

Hex bar poll hawk



pattern weld

another clean one


Pennsylavania Conestoga Wagon I

Pennsylvania Wagon II

Viriginia Wagon

Hamon, progress picture.

Butt Hinges

Finished sets


2008 Soup Cook-off Trophy


Feather fo ABANA Newsletter Editors Award

Hydraulic H-Frame Press

Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Pump and Tank

tig 1


250# Bradley

Sun Dial

Sun Dial at 2:50 DST (1:50)

A Tribute TO Custer's Last Stand

Buffalo Forge1

Buffalo Forge2

Buffalo Forge3

deadbolts & jamb plate


Slack tub find

The Killing Machine

Busted hammer part

Bull cinch

framed bowie


BBQ tools

Glass Fireplace pocket doors

Glass Fireplace pocket doors Cam Latch.

Rebuilt entry gate


Battleship smithy, 1896


Old Hinges



New Dawg

both shafts

T & H Right side




Window Grill

Ornamental Iron Grille

Grille #2

Wine Door

Wine door lock

Lock Interior

dutch oven door 1

dutch oven door 2

dutch oven door 3

dutch oven door 4

Wine Door Installed

My new knife

Key ring display tree

trailer hitch hoist1

trailer hitch hoist2

Pineapple Knocker

mail box forge

MAil box forge side


Barn hinges

Close up


PUCKLED light 2

Shelf bracket

Richmond, VA police art car

Louise helped

More shelf brackets

Dam railing 1

Dam railing 2

Dam railing 3



Basket Twist Chandelier

Basket Twist Chandelier 2

Massey 50 repaint/repair project

Massey 50 project

Massey 50

Massey 50

Massey 50

Massey 50

Queen o' hearts dagger

3 old reprobates

2b nazel

Scrolling Tongs

Scrolling Tongs ready to hang

Leaf spring power hammer

power hammer construction

mini power

Playing around with some 1/8" 01 rod

Power Hammer

Power Hammer

Jeff & Thomas' hats

Colonial Blacksmith Rendezvous

Three hammers + 1

Air hammer

Table 1

Table 2

fireplace doors

Slotting Female Dovetail

Milling Die Dovetail

Tapering the key

Leg vise - How do I fix it??

Leg vise - How do I fix it?

New forge project

Side draft forge

Another view

What I started with

Combination hydraulic press/press brake

Solar array bracket

Solar array bracket 2

cutting dovetails

Stainless Steel fireplace doors

Stainless Steel fireplace doors

Stainless Steel fireplace doors

Stainless Steel fireplace doors

Stainless Steel fireplace doors

Stainless Steel fireplace doors

Stainless Steel fireplace doors

Stainless Steel fireplace doors

Ironwood Fireplace screen




Short Molding Sample

Bottom Swedge Setup

Blast Furnaces at Bethlehem, PA

Blowing Engine House

Charging Rails Bethlehem Steel Blast Furnace

Blowing Engine Piston

Threaded end of blowing engine piston rod

Skipway at Bethlehem

First Fire

Elmer Roush Tool Making Class

More posts installed

Lollypop production line

Blend texture on Beaudry.

Off to the paint shop.

Large Fireplace Screen

Steel Knot

Dam railing

Dam railing River/house strait run


Massey bolt

Massey bolt

Massey bolt

Digging the Massey foundation

Massey foundation

Massey in place

Massey Motor

Two Phase

Meat turner


Another View

grinder stand on work table

grinder stand on drum

grinders hanging from ceiling crane

last one of the year

Self designed CNC table


Gimlet Closeup

forged clothes pins

forged clothes pins

2008 Christmas Ornament #1

2008 Christmas Ornament #2

small stump anvils??

18" x 32" potrack

The billet with wrought iron "wart" attached.

Heating the billet

Me setting the weld

The billet forged out and re-stacked

Billet cooling in the dirt after re-drawing.

pair of grills

Rich demoing at Gichners

elements in grille

Entire grille

A new hat

Rich\'s auction piece

Post Vice Page

log turner tongs

log turner tongs d1

log turner tongs d2

Shade 3 flip up clip ons

Flipped up

The squeeze to open feature

PT Holder

Frederick Cross

Iron Kiss Custom 20;1 Octagon 160

The 160\'s tup on the welding horses.

The tup assembly mounted on the mill table.

The bottom die and sow block parts.

Finished machining

The jib crane

On the horses again

Tup with slot

The tup interior

pier light fixtures #1

pier light fixtures #2

V-day roses W/ THORNS

160\'s dies

The tup and dies and sow block of the 160


first squeze

New old Fisher Anvil

Fisher broken horn

Fisher horn

Fisher Horn


pier light fixtures #3

henrys tank

BGCM Blacksmith Days Raffle BBQ Grill

BGCM BBQ Grill Dragon Smokestack Detail

Cinncinati # 1 1/2 Universal Horizontal mill

Cinncinati # 1 1/2 Universal Horizontal mill

Cinncinati # 1 1/2 Universal Horizontal mill

Cinncinati # 1 1/2 Universal Horizontal mill


anvil stand

anvil stand 2

Chinese SS forge

Chinese SS pot Forge


Fire Set

Fire Set

pier light fixtures DONE

Dam railing detail

Dam railing DONE

#1 Punch press slitting setup 6/23/07

#2 Punch press slitting setup 6/23/07

#3 Punch press slitting setup 6/23/07



Russian anvil

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest Open

JYH ideas...

arbor press punch

arbor press punch parts

First Knife pic1

First Knife pic 2

First Knife pic 3

First Knife pic 4

First Knife pic 5

First Knife pic 6

Ellen & her Beemer in front of my shop, May, 2009

Iron Smelt

Iron Smelt - Tapping Slag

Iron Smelt Bloom Division

Iron Smelt Bloom Cutting

Iron Smelt Bloom Pieces

Iron Smelt Bloom

Wally Yater Forging withCharcoal

Wally Yater

Tailgating Find

Shel Browder making Ae from Bloom

Shel Browder with axe

Kerry Stagmer& Larry Nowicki Large Scale Repousse



Drive The Pig

Kitchen Knife Contest Entries

Colonila Fire Shovel Contest Entries

BGCM Raffle Grill

BGCM Grill Dragon Detail

Grill Tools

Forging Contest

Forging Contest

Forging Contest

Fleece to Shawl

Auction Table at BGCM Blacksmith Days

Aristotle Steel Making

Salon Commission1

Salon Artwork2

PW and Wrought Iron Dragonfly

Dave Hammer in Buffalo

Big mirror project

Mirror in installation frame

Jack modification

Dan Boone\'s Dragon Knife

Osterbybruk Forge

Clearer, I hope

Stainless trowel

Aluminum curley que

almost a knife

tong pictures for Rudy

Tong idea for Rudy

Tong idea for Rudy

Another tong pic

The final tong pic

Bird feeder Post

Front yard feeder

NEB Fall Meet mess hall

Bob and the big guy

NEB Fall Meet green coal/ vender tents

couple of new cutters

another cutter

praying mantis NEB fall meet

Colonial Pattern Anvil with 5th. Foot

Quad State anvil refacing

Quad State anvil refacing

Quad State anvil refacing

Heating up the anvil

Brushing off scale

anvil on block.

Welding on the face plate

Punching the hardy hole

Starting the anvil

More on the anvil

The anvil cap

The jib crane

more jib crane

My gap bed lathe

The lathe and plate and chuck

The plate in the chuck

Another view of the chuck

Anvil Forge Welding: Quad State 2009

Anvil Forge Welding: Quad State 2009

Anvil Forge Welding: Quad State 2009

Front Porch Posts

Front Porch Posts

Front Porch Posts

Front Porch Posts


Maple leaf spray

Hooks from Dad and Daughter

Two completed one piece anvils

Cutting the dovetail

Off loading the billet

The tools


grate detail

The Octagon 50 side view

Top View of the Octagon 50



2009 Christmas Ornament

Balance Marker

Last forging of 2009

Last forging of 2009


Dave Hutchison, Rome Hutchings, Pete Renzetti & Bi

Nathan at work

Dave at work



Close up of axes

Another close up

Belt Ax

coat hook parts

axes to grind

Various tomahawks/axes

3 blade shapes made from rasps

Latest model.

Carpenter\'s/camp hatchet

The new 25:1 Octagon 50

Octagon 50 decal

Forged Coat Stand

Coat stand detail 1

Coat Stand Detail 1

Coat Stand Detail 2

Coat Stand Detail 3

Coat Stand Detail 4

Coat Stand Detail 5

Coat Stand Detail 6

Coat Stand Detail 7

Jan \'10 Fireplace screen in ironwood

Stair railing

\'nother pic

Thomas Powers & Pep Gomez

Damascus slice made by Pep Gomez

Ladder pattern

Counter top brackets Done 2/15/10

Stair rail done 2/15/10

Stair rail done 2/15/10

Stair rail done 2/15/10

Stair rail done 2/15/10

Floor Lamp p1

Floor Lamp p2

Floor Lamp p3

Floor Lamp p4


Veggie choppers

corkscrew stand - pic 1

corkscrew stand - pic 2

corkscrew stand - pic 3

Hammer Poles and Spike Hawks

Belt Ax

folding corkscrew pic 1

folding corkscrew pic 2

folding corkscrew pic 3

folding corkscrew pic 4

Counter top brackets Done 3/23/10

My 50, 75, and 100 side-by-side

Another perspective

The delivery trailer

Extension rails

More about the rig

The hammer down on the ground.

The anvil billet clamped on the mill table

The dove tailing bit.

forged bottle openers

Garden trowel and weeder made for My Mother

Counter top brackets

More weeded photos


Write your own caption

Man in the moon with tophat weathervane

Wine Wraps

BGCM Chess Set

Counter top brackets concept drawing

Garden fence


..and a table



Air chisel tool for flaring pipe 5/28/10

Latest carpenters hatchet

Another closer view

Gas Forge

Larger 2 Burner Gas Forge

Sprout 6/9/10

Bunch o\' fire place tool

Folding Knife

Folding Knife

Folding Knife

Folding Knife

Folding Knife

Folding Knife

Folding Knife

Forged Hacksaw 1

Forged Hacksaw 2

What\'s on my bench



Mirror project

Counter top brackets 6/21/10

Eating counter top brackets 6/21/10

Eating counter top brackets. Detail 6/21/10

whats behind my anvil

That\'s my girl!!

Wine Caddy

Wine Caddy

1-1/4" venturi

Fajita Chopper

Split cross

Most recent batch of trowels.


Blowout on Gravely sulkey

wood stove insert seround 8.20.10

wood stove insert surround detail 8.20.10

KMG grinder clone

Other side of KMG clone grinder

big forge door chain system



loose door guides

Floating sproket

Back of door

Little flip up door

flip up door open

overall arrangement

Freon Bottle Forge with PNB burner

Freon Can Forge with PNB burner- door open

Mike Tanner\'s new outdoor forging/demo area

Nathan & Ralph

New forge

New forge burner

Dragons breath

Steve & Bad Roger

Yoder anvils

Dave Hammer, Steve Parker & Josh Greenwood

Fe's Fork

Tail gate


Friday eve casting demo

Flood of 2010

Stainless buckle, Back.

Edge of buckle

Front of buckle

Knife made from 1095 (?) garden tiller tine

Primitive fighter

Sheathed Fighter

Drop point utility

Fall leaves

log holder

log holder detail

Pot rack 10-14-15

Iron mistress design

Self-defense/boot knife

Mt touchmark


The finished tool


Overall view

Got a fly press? do this it\'s fast!

A humming bird

Fairbairn Sykes style fighting knife

Fairbairn-Sykes style Fighting knife w/ sheath

Dam House

dam railing

belt buckle

Door hardware

Door hardware closeup

Spike knives

Peace of mind

Fluted Buffalo Horn Dagger

Fluted Buffalo Horn Dagger with sheath

Medium stag utility Knives



Plasma cut out w/ forging

Door hardware 12/7/10

Door hardware 12/7/10

Door hardware 12/7/10

EDC knife


Sharp objects and sheaths

knives and sheaths


knives and sheaths


My son with the big poker

My son with the big poker


Antler handle poker, full twist shaft

Antler handle shovel, full twist shaft

fireplace tools with stand

Horse shoe steak flipper

Phil Heath & Matthius working on a gate

Pete Renzetti & friends

338lb anvil with "302" and "PJ" markings

338lb anvil 2nd photo

Knobs and pulls

Knobs and pulls

Knobs and pulls

2# Cross pien

The ugly Boot-jack

Table 2/17/11

Table 2/17/11

New Ram and slides on my Junk yard hammer

Closeup of the top of the slide

Roller bolts

View showing hammer in shop

Today\'s buckle

John with Bud Lamonica

Newest Gas Forge

Newest Gas Forge

Newest Gas Forge

Newest Gas Forge

line shaft powered

Bronze cabinet hinges

Bronze hinges

Bronze hinges

Bronze hinges

Bronze hinges

old forged trap

Big Heart Sculpture


My homemade snow dozer for my Gravely tractor.

Rear of snow dozer

Snow dozer angle and swivel adjust

Rear tool holder for Gravely "L"

Rear tool bar for Gravely "L"

Rear tool bar for Gravely "L"

Snow Dozer on Tractor

Snow dozer on Gravely tractor

Tractor bucket, before

Tractor Bucket after straightening and reinforceme

Table legs

Bench Vise: upcoming Tom Latane class

field expedient anvil

what izzit???


IH at Work

Chandelier Repair

My Shop, Sept 5, 2011

Having the right equipment helps

Tree gone and covered in blue

My chili roaster

archeologist trowel from RR spike



A bonch o\' hinges

Basusters beginnings

Fence extension

fence detail

Making a split cross from 2.5" square steel

The finished split cross and crew.

The finished cross

Phillip Simmons style handle

Rebuilt shop

Greenwich CT rail

Greenwich CT rail

Lap Anvil

Lap Anvil

Lap Anvil

Candle Stand

french doors

3 way

Chucks candle/lamp

My version of eagle feathers

3" split cross

Split cross layout


Gas Saver Valves


Dan Boone & young friend at CV

Grandma gets a turn

Equus in Progress

Equus on Display

Bruce Retires to Oakley Forge

22 blank powered nail gun


Gas Forge

AT&SF shop interier

big gas forge

lift out grate

Ash dump

square to oval tube

large Cannady Otto blower

blower mount

ash dump operation

forge is use

Cranking the forge

Steve, Kevin & Nathan

Kim in her red crysalis

Bev & Kim

Shoe sculpture

Wellsaw model 72 S/N 722

Making the big cross

The finished cross and team

Life in Hawaii

Pick Axe

Pick Axe




Quill Pencil

Advent wreath stand

Top of stand

bottom of stand

pot rack for someone



Shelf Hangers

Mystrey Tongs

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

just finished large split cros

Tire Iron Menorah

Tire Iron Menorah, Oblique

Completed shop

Moving stuff in

Forge corner

Steel rack

post anvil??????

Huge Wizard Head Corkscrew

Grass Fence

Viking Forge

The new Octagon 150

Twisting Wrench

Twisting Wrench Mechanism

quick doors for my shop

Dad\'s urn

urn top

Power Hammer Photo #1

Power Hammer photo #2

Power Hammer Photo #3

Power Hammer Photo #4

Power Hammer Photo #5

finally paved

Newest hammer and anvil

still building...slowly

heres the inside

Just playing

Tipton Cross demonstration tea

Curved handrail

Detail of railing support

Hydraulic Pipe bender

Other view of bender setup

details of bender parts

dragon design

Garden tools

Glass sculpture installation

Bracket detail

I Kg Crosspein

1 Kg Flatter 50 mm square

Vise anchor

Hardy hole swage and dish

Charcoal Retort

Table legs

Punching and drifting bolster


Bolster in position

Flatter No. 2

Father\'s Day Gift

Re-handled Machete

Fire axe

Two renegades

6" vise apart

Mystery bending jig

Rebuilt 6" Vise

Vise on bench

Worn-out screw and box.

Fall leaf spray

Fall leaf spray

Horizontal Vise right

Horizontal Vise (left)

Nichoas\' Hammer

tool holder


Black Locust

Black Locust

Wall hanger

Hardy Tools

my 700 lb Hay Budden

my 700 lb Hay Budden

700 lb Hay Budden

another angle

another angle

Tyrannosaurus Wrench

Belt Grinder

Belt Grinder

Belt Grinder

Idle circuit for a 2 burner

Scythe Blade to Knife

Scythe Blade to Knife (2)

Bottle openers

Wine Rack

316 Stainless fork

Grapevine rail

Reynolds gate


Dining table

Table detail

Table construction

fire place screen doors

fireplace screen doors

Misc Hardware

wine cellar door pull

Blizzard of 2016

Snow Day 1

Snow Day 2

Snow Day 3

Spike Tomahawk

Twisting machine

Finished pieces

St.Pat\'s day

Letter opener

Car rotisserie


Under dash work


RMEF Pa elk knife

Hydraulic Forging Press

Lasting Impressions


The pyramid ends of the 1 1/4"

Hot punched hole in 1 1/4" bar

Final installation of bed

Scale catcher

1914 Little Giant, 25#

Oakley Forge Collective (L)

Oakley Forge Collective (R)

New Shop Building

Broom and Dust Pan



Pick axe novelty item

Rawhide Days Blacksmith Event


Belt Grinder

Belt Grinder

Belt Grinder

New hammer

Forged steel and rawhide

blowed burner

Small Mokume Hat


another view canon


Another previous cannon

Grass fence 1

Grass Fence 2

Grass Fence 3


More Brackets

Roof\'s on

Letter opener

2018 Abana Conference

Ellen Durkan\'s wearable piece

Detail of Ellen\'s piece

The Arachnid Bowl Lamp

Hat Trees again

My Chevy has been painted

Restaurant room divider


the Beast



\'57 Chevy Handyman almost done

\'57 Chevy

Lake pic

Front seat & dash

Oct meet Iron in the hat items

hand forged rounding Hammer

rebuilt 150 lb anvil with clip

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