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Quad State

Bob Cook, John Larson
and the Iron Kiss Hammer

Quad State

Quad State gallery

Quad State gallery

Quad State gallery

Ny State fair 2004

At my NM Cabin on My Thoroughbred

Sandpile's trivet

Mike Sweany and
Gerald Franklin

Chuck Bennet (Sandpile)
and Tommy Dean

Mills, Gerald Franklin,
Jr Strassil and Freddie H.

Rudik Anatoliy Making a Rose

Rudik Anatoliy Tying a Knot

Trade Item Participants After the Exchange

Dave Fisher Forging with his John Larson Ironkiss

Before You ask

Dave Forging an Acorn

Iron Gator

Rudik Anatoliy Forging Dragon

Rudik Anatoliy Forging Dragon

Dragon at Home in Fire

Diamondback rattler

Morgon Horse and I

Another View of Traveler, my Morgan

5 Happy Jr ROTC Guys

CMB X-Mas Party

CMB Hammer Making Class

Me, Tom Clark, and Tsur Sudan at Quad State 2006

John Larson and his
awesome air hammer

It Ain't Heavy, It's My Anvil!

Doug Merkel Demo

Power Hat

Power Hammer maestros at work

Murderers Row

The Fee cafe

Work gang

Honest Bob and Old Moose

Nathan Robertson
Power Hammer Class

Steves Diamond

Finished diamond





Steve & Ralph forging

Jeff & Thomas' hats

Iron Smelt

Iron Smelt - Tapping Slag

Iron Smelt Bloom Division

Iron Smelt Bloom Cutting

Iron Smelt Bloom Pieces

Iron Smelt Bloom

Wally Yater

Tailgating Find

Shel Browder making Ae from Bloom

Shel Browder with axe

Kerry Stagmer& Larry Nowicki Large Scale Repousse


Drive The Pig

Kitchen Knife Contest Entries

Colonila Fire Shovel Contest Entries

BGCM Raffle Grill

BGCM Grill Dragon Detail

Grill Tools

Forging Contest

Forging Contest

Forging Contest

Fleece to Shawl

Auction Table at BGCM Blacksmith Days

Aristotle Steel Making

Dave Hammer in Buffalo

NEB Fall Meet mess hall

Bob and the big guy

NEB Fall Meet green coal/ vender tents

praying mantis NEB fall meet

Quad State anvil refacing

Quad State anvil refacing

Quad State anvil refacing

Heating up the anvil

Brushing off scale

anvil on block.

Welding on the face plate

Punching the hardy hole

Anvil Forge Welding: Quad State 2009

Anvil Forge Welding: Quad State 2009

Dave Hutchison, Rome Hutchings, Pete Renzetti & Bi

Nathan at work

Dave at work

Thomas Powers & Pep Gomez

That\'s my girl!!

Nathan & Ralph

Steve & Bad Roger

Yoder anvils

Dave Hammer, Steve Parker & Josh Greenwood

Fe's Fork

Tail gate


Friday eve casting demo

Phil Heath & Matthius working on a gate

Pete Renzetti & friends

Making a split cross from 2.5" square steel

The finished split cross and crew.

The finished cross

3" split cross

Dan Boone & young friend at CV

Grandma gets a turn

Steve, Kevin & Nathan

Kim in her red crysalis

Bev & Kim

Shoe sculpture

Making the big cross

The finished cross and team

Tipton Cross demonstration tea

Rawhide Days Blacksmith Event

2018 Abana Conference

Detail of Ellen\'s piece

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