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Rated: PG

cheese board/mold board

ring jigs

more ring jigs

another view of jig

pipe bending dies - splitter

splitter header

acorn accessory

angle iron shoe

Hossfeld die on platten

flypress station

flypress tool holders

Blacksmith's Get Well Card

Accurate forging

clamp cage tools

circle cutter

Ball pein

block tools

Cutting tools

Hammer Pein/fullers

Punching tools

Slitting tools


OA circle cutter

Trim Development

bottom detail of sconce

sconce on light table

sconce on black bkgrnd

belt pattern 1

belt pattern 2

finished wrist pin

Used Oilers

Possible air loss

mill parts

more mill parts

timing pawl

pawl tooth

Glass mold?

molten glass hits textured plate

Rolling glass into bottom of lens area

Thick lens

Thin lens

lining up for boring
an old casting/part

u hooks to mount forge cart axle

propane feeds

forge hook up & tools

taper tool

pipe die sketch

Lantern to duplicate

saw fixture for rounds

square stock saw fixture

3 styles of handle patterns

making handles ahead

Flatters & fried egg tool

Scott Forge

saw jig - back

saw jig - front view

saw jig in the saw

mitre/angle fences

jig in saw

Clamp cage on LG

clamp cage tooling

flypress table

Fence, Strippers & spacers

kiss block in clamp cage

side set tongs

Dave Hammer

John's hammer site

Thomas, Melody, and Patrick

slit & drift demo grille

pipe forming tool

Negative of picture

customer site w rail

finished rail from negative

swaged handle

lathe tool

installation staple option

Stainless shim & guide plate

Seal Splice

Ram & Guide

waxed sconce series

pulling hammer out

Loading ram w ring compressor

setting tup cushion

34 Ford built in 1965

UHMW hammer guides


Grinder Rack


Demo Forge

Scroll drilling jig


Oilers, manifolds & runway

7 foot planner/jig table

jiging a left & right

round work made easy

perfect miters

Metal Brake

plumb legs to feet

jigging between pins

clamps & fence

Welder's third hand

used sideways

vice grip acces.

third hand magnet

90 degree elipse marger

angle marker for pipe

5/16 generic handles

shank shock absorber

punch handles

punch handles

Nathan's handle idea

cheap touch up gun

Vertical sawmill hardware

Lantern Gear

In the heated shop

oil lines run on utility bar

Lucian Avery


another flatter

crew less one

Tong making tool

Setting a shoulder

anvil bick

Rich's picture

High class coffee warmer

Great teacher

power hammer handle

power hammer tool2

simple floral stake

rollers & table burners

Steve Parker bending tool

Pipe tapering shoe tools

Taper tools in action

gas saver on press station

tool holder

vertical tool rack

Gazinta and Gazonta tool fixtures

Art Nouveau Sconce

ball swage results

V blocks

drop on bick

flare from bick

Power fuller & result

pipe shoes for drawing

saw jig for tool steel or block sawing

modular sawhorse

Sawhorse "Gazinta"

portable set up

different portable

Weather Vane

splitter to consider

Art Nouveau Chandelier

close up & finish

Lower cover

sconces in place

tig plug

boring axle shoulders

roller pocket

roller sockets

two other style
pipe tapering dies

117 degree v block
for tapering pipe

Drop on

Needs daylight

swing out tool tray

4 inch fullering jig

old "tooling dies"

deadbolts & jamb plate


The Killing Machine


cutting dovetails

grinder stand on work table

grinder stand on drum

grinders hanging from ceiling crane

Rich demoing at Gichners

elements in grille

Entire grille

A new hat

Rich\'s auction piece

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