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Chain Links and Rings

Railroad Spike Tasting Spoon

Pointer with Faceted Cube Top and Twist

Spork with twisted Handle

Spork after descaling and polishing

BGCM 20th Anniversary Chain Link Project

Six of BGCM's 8 Forges at FEB Meeting

BGCM's FEB Trade Items

Three Twists (Actually a wave and 2 Twists )

4 Wave Twist


Back side of collar

BGCM 20th Anniversary Chain

A Pair of Hooks - BGCM March Trade Item

Rudik Anatoliy Making a Rose

Rudik Anatoliy Tying a Knot

Knot by Rudik Anatoliy

Adjustable Anvil Stand (Low Position)

Adjustable Anvil Stand (High Position)

Trade Item Participants After the Exchange

Dave Fisher Forging with his John Larson Ironkiss

Before You ask

Dave Forging an Acorn

Iron Gator

Gator Close Up

Door Hinge

Wagon Shed Hinges

Passage Dooor Hinges

Cane Bolt

Rudik Anatoliy Forging Dragon

Rudik Anatoliy Forging Dragon

Dragon at Home in Fire




Streeter Style Eye Bender

Streeter Style Eye Bender

Streeter Style Eye Bender

Streeter Style Eye Bender

hinge bender

hinge bender

Top Rail Test Pieces

BGCM 20th Anniversary Railing

BGCM 20th Anniversary Railing

New Truck with Tent

Father's Day Present

Shutter Hinges and Hardware

BGCM Trade Items from Nov 19th Meeting

Motorcycle Chain Knife

Cable Damascus

5 Happy Jr ROTC Guys

Jr ROTC - Their first hooks

Snake by Jr ROTC Ace

Cable Damascus Jewelry

Jingle Bells

Bell with Leaf Motif

Blank to Bell


RR Spike Skier

Horseshoe Nail Crosses

HorseshoeNail Cross

It Ain't Heavy, It's My Anvil!

D-Ski's Christmas Tree Ornament

Snails and Cross from Horseshoe Nails

Mike Linn's Snail from Demo at Furnace Town

Furnace Town Mike Linn Cross

Furnace Town Mike Linn Candle Holder

Furnace Town Mike Linn Copper Fitting DogWood

Furnace Town Mike Linn Trammel Hook

Furnace Town Mike Linn Rams Head Poker

Furnace Town Mike Linn Anchor

Boot Licking Dragon Boot Scraper

Boot Licking Dragon Boot Scraper Detail

4 Day BS-101 Class at Carroll County Farm Museum

28-28 Apr BGCM Forge Welding Class

4 Day Beginners Class Work

Forge Welding Class Work

Turtle Before He Was Soup

Horseshoe Nail Heart Pendants

My First Sucessful Folder

Folder in Closed Position

Folder and "Fixed Position"
Folder Prototype

Cala Lilly Candlesticks

Cala Lilly Candlesticks

Cala Lilly Candlesticks Detail

Ceramic Mug I made for Dan Boone's

All the Mugs we made

Feather fo ABANA Newsletter Editors Award

Sun Dial

Sun Dial at 2:50 DST (1:50)

A Tribute TO Custer's Last Stand

BGCM Blacksmith Days Raffle BBQ Grill

BGCM BBQ Grill Dragon Smokestack Detail

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest Open

Iron Smelt

Iron Smelt - Tapping Slag

Iron Smelt Bloom Division

Iron Smelt Bloom Cutting

Iron Smelt Bloom Pieces

Iron Smelt Bloom

Wally Yater Forging withCharcoal

Wally Yater

Tailgating Find

Shel Browder making Ae from Bloom

Shel Browder with axe

Kerry Stagmer& Larry Nowicki Large Scale Repousse



Drive The Pig

Kitchen Knife Contest Entries

Colonila Fire Shovel Contest Entries

BGCM Raffle Grill

BGCM Grill Dragon Detail

Grill Tools

Forging Contest

Forging Contest

Forging Contest

Fleece to Shawl

Auction Table at BGCM Blacksmith Days

Aristotle Steel Making

BGCM Chess Set

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