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Joe Rollings - Tue 05 Dec 2017 08:43:58 #0

Chuck........You OK?


Chuck - Sat 09 Dec 2017 18:50:44 #0


Yeah, I am okay.
I have been busy on the Turkey day and Christmas deals.
Been working on grinders, sanders, Little Giant Hammer.

Have not resolved the eye deal. Been making wood carving tools.
I did find some super good steel in the new(unused) jeep springs. Lucked out on finally using some of it. They have been laying around for a few years.
Been reading just not posting.
I will try to do better.
Blessings to all and a very 'Merry Christmas'.

Tom C - Sat 09 Dec 2017 20:11:12 #0

Good to hear from you, Chuck.

Tom C

bruce godlesky - Sun 10 Dec 2017 08:58:05 #0

back in the shop

finally gettin' all the orders finished up. Mebbe one or 2 more.
Pretty much spent the last 2 weeks huntin' deer, rifle season. Put some speedbeef in the freezer. Now that's it's cold, back to the forgeshop :-) Enuff wood split and stacked to last thru January. Had a call yesterday offering firewwqood for some skinners. Sounds like a good deal (BOG)

Joe Rollings - Sun 10 Dec 2017 15:12:59 #0


Glad you are OK, chuck.

It took quite a while when my vision changed to do any fine work, but eventually I got used to it and things looked right again, except I DID have to go to a better guy to get the glasses perscription made and the glasses made from the scrip.

There are a lot of charlatons out there. When I had to change opthamologists, I took to bringing one of the stamps I ground with me to show him I needed to see really well, because some of them think after you are 65 or so all you need to see is your plate and eating utensils.

Going to start listing some stuff on Ebay again. Finaly got the messes pretty much cleaned up for those estates I handled and ready to heat it and beat it again......Joe

bruce godlesky - Sun 10 Dec 2017 19:04:16 #0


after 65 that's all some folks think about........

Joe Rollings - Tue 19 Dec 2017 22:41:25 #0

Starting to re-incarnate

Sold the business as it existed a couple of years ago to use our time to administer a couple of estates, and that is over with so now beginning to make some different stuff again, and list on Ebay.

Seems more fun after a couple of years off, and not locking myself into a million af anything, just making a few of something, listing it, selling, making something different.

Life couldn't be much better without making me young again, but if that happened, I would also be stupid once more, so I will settle for what I have got.

Merry Christmas to all you heat and beaters, and may God bless you all in the coming year.....Joe and Janet

Darrell - Wed 20 Dec 2017 02:38:05 #0


Merry Christmas Joe. Seems like you're not the only one starting over.
In January I had two strokes that left me virtually paralyzed. Since then
I have recovered almost everything except the 40 pounds that I lost.
A couple of months ago I bought a Bridgeport BOSS 10 and and Enco 12 x 36 lathe. The BOSS 10 was in rough shape. Over the last two months I have completely removed
the Bridgeport control. I have removed the balls from the X and y-axis and put in new balls that took all the back lash out.
I am waiting for the last few parts to finish rebuilding the mill.
I don't even have it running yet and already have orders for things to make.
Between the mill, lathe and blacksmith shop I will be quite busy.
Well Merry Christmas everybody and looking forward to a new year.

bruce godlesky - Wed 20 Dec 2017 07:07:33 #0

You fellas inspire me. Having some minor health issues the past yr. has left me with the blahs. I come over here and folks is resurrecting.......Themselves, equipment , etc. Great to hear!

I only made a fraction of the output this year, for a variety of reasons. Gettin' myself fired up for the coming year. Since the knife shows are quieting down considerably, I'm looking at a few different venues.

The trapping community has been very receptive to what I produce and I hope to continue with their shows/conventions.
In the past year I took up a hobby.....hehehehe Tradditional archery. And sure enuff, the guys want forged broadheads, both monosteel and Damascus. So, new challenges for the year ahead.

I'm also working on an ongoing project. Been providing knives for one of the hunting groups in my state . Lookin' to produce some pattern welded steel with steel made locally and also something added that has historical significance. Slow goin' but we're getting close.

A very Merry Christams to everyone and a healthy and prosperous New year!

Joe Rollings - Fri 22 Dec 2017 11:15:57 #0


That is interesting, Bruce. A coupe of three years ago I was conversing with some guy up north about buying some hard maple an when he heard where we live, got all cranked up because he had trapping permits for the Chiricahua mountains, right in our back yard.

Camped here by the shop for a month or so with his freezer plugged into the electric for preserving his pelts. Got a nice haul, and as it turned out he makes the original forms for various taxadermy mounts and gets royalties for every duplicate sold.

Had no idea that trapping had turned back into such a big deal until then....Joe

bruce godlesky - Fri 22 Dec 2017 22:27:20 #0


Fur prices are at pretty much rock bottom right now but for lotsa folks, it's a way of life. They gonna do it no matter what. And it is a great conservation tool.
There ain't nothin' better than seeing them young kids, 7-8-9 yrs old come strollin' thru the convention/show halls with their 1st batch of traps slung over their shoulder!
We starts setting up at their shows about 10 yrs ago and have done very well there, not only knives and hawks but bbq tools, hooks, all sorta forged items.
Plus they are just flat out good folks!!

Tom C - Sun 24 Dec 2017 11:41:05 #0

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone! And a Happy New Year.

Tom C

Darrell - Sun 24 Dec 2017 13:20:35 #0

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.

Jeff Reinhardt - Sun 24 Dec 2017 15:39:27 #0

Merry Christmas from Southern Indiana

Don Shears - Sun 24 Dec 2017 20:26:08 #0

Merry Christmas from up North.

Joe Rollings - Mon 25 Dec 2017 11:08:25 #0

Merry Christmas!

From the sandy desert....Joe and Janet

Loren T - Mon 25 Dec 2017 11:14:13 #0

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from NE Oklahoma!

bruce godlesky - Wed 27 Dec 2017 07:37:02 #0

hop[e everyone had a nice Christmas. We sure have a lot to be grateful for!!
Temperatur etook a dip this week and produced a bit of snow. Just in time for the winter flintlock deer season. (BOG)
In between chasin' speed beef I have a stack of knives to grind and heat treat.
I'll be glad for the New Year to arrive. 2017 was extremely trying....

Joe Rollings - Wed 27 Dec 2017 23:01:32 #0


is an excellent word to indicate a pain in the butt. Hope things improve for you....Joe

Chuck - Thu 28 Dec 2017 17:36:46 #0


Late Merry Christmas.
I had typed a bunch bout what we have been up to.
Making firewood forging campfire tools making knives.
I must have hit the wrong button. This dammed thing cleared itself.
The daughter laws dog jut eat up three of our good dog beds.
More later.
God Bless

brucegodlesky - Sat 30 Dec 2017 08:19:42 #0

and a happy New Year to ya Chuck and everyone else!!
Joe, things are lookin' to be on the upswing here :-)
With this cold snap my Fairbanks is out of commission. Ground heaves and I reduced to Armstrong power and the press. Glad I roughed out 20 more so blades earlier in the month.
Ya'll be careful out there!

Joe Rollings - Sat 30 Dec 2017 14:06:31 #0

clean slate

In a good place to begin the new year.

Doing a little business, Old friend who REALLY needed to move into his next and final life got over the hill peacefully and left his earthly agony behind, some other situations with family and friends got resolved for the best.

My own heart ablation seems to have worked like a charm, and the "future is so bright I have to wear shades."

Speaking of shades, 72 degrees and sunny. Couldn't be better......Joe

bruce godlesky - Sun 31 Dec 2017 08:52:46 #0

clean slate

72 and sunny???? we are not to see 20F for at least a week...... -1F this morning. At least I haven't seen a skeeter in a month or so.......hahaha

Tom C - Wed 03 Jan 2018 09:10:54 #0


It was 9 degrees this morning which is pretty cold in Richmond VA.

In other news, I put the body back on the chassis of my '57 Chevy resto-mod project. However, the engine sits a little too far back, so I'm redoing the motor mounts for the 3rd time which means pulling the engine out again.

Friday, my friends from CVBG Bruce & John & I are going to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to the annual Gichner's Memorial Hammer In at Dave Hutchinson's farm. It's always a good meet & helps kick off the year's events.

Keep warm!
Tom C

Tom C - Thu 11 Jan 2018 09:32:25 #0

Gichner's was a good meet. About 100 folks braved the frigid snowy winds to attend. Dave Hammer was there to demonstrate his tiny "Cricket" power hammers. Judy Berger & Blue Moon Press had lots of metalworking books to peruse. Kirk Sullens was the featured demonstrator & forged an octopus, Russian rose & a frog. He did a good job.

Next is the annual Boone's Pasture Party at the end of February in Louisa County, VA.

Tom C

Tom C - Thu 18 Jan 2018 13:11:49 #0

(sound of crickets chirping)

I'm the only one who's posted in the last 2 weeks. Is it time to say "So long, it's been good to know ya?"

I have repaired the motor mount mistake I made & have proceeded to adjusting the body & fastening the steering column. Next is spot painting the door openings & their circumferences in prep to mount them.

Stay warm.
Tom C

Darrell - Thu 18 Jan 2018 13:22:31 #0

(sound of crickets chirping)

Tom I have wondered the same thing myself. I hate to see this group disband
as I have enjoyed it over the years.
Hopefully more will begin posting. I see several are active on Facebook.

bruce godlesky - Thu 18 Jan 2018 16:37:29 #0


I too would hate to see this page close.....
Seems like the numbers keep dwindling.
Is anyone trying to work in this weather? I'm sure glad I roughed out 2 or 3 dozen blades before the deepfreeze hit! Every 5 or 6 days we get a brief respite and I go out and heat treat a few blades in the gas forge. Gonna break again this weekend!!

Chuck - Thu 18 Jan 2018 19:47:57 #0

Ongoing discussion

DAERRELL-- I have really enjoyed your administering this forum.
I appreciate the effort.
I have been having eye problems, makes it hard to hunt and peck.
I do check here the first thing when I turn on the 'puter.
Buck, Bruce, Tom C, Loren, Joe, Alex, Plain Ole Bill---having an old mans moment with name calling, and a few more that check this board regularly would really miss it if goes by the way side.
I don't know how many of the old "Junkyard" bunch are still around. We like to have "Prolapsed" when Neil quit.--

I think Ellen must have passed. I have not been able to rouse her for a while.

I for one, would hate to lose your support.
Blessings from the panhandle of TX.
Beautiful day today.

Chuck - Thu 18 Jan 2018 19:50:43 #0

Proof then post.


Tom C - Thu 18 Jan 2018 21:12:56 #0


I have a business card with her phone #. I've been hesitant to call it but maybe I will to see what's happened.
I have an inkling she's passed because she hasn't replied to our queries.

Re; this forum: I started with Keenjunk in '96 a couple of days after we got our first computer & I found Neil's site. I have made a lot of friends, learned a lot about blacksmithing (& other stuff) from that site, then Sparky's & now Darrell's. I participate in other forums, but keep coming back here because it's simple, stream of conscious format resembles a bunch of guys standing around a pickup bed, shooting the breeze. It's something that, had you told me in my younger years that I'd be able to talk to people all over the US & the world, much less share photos with, I'd have said "You're crazy!" It's what's good about the 'net.

Thanks, Darrell.

Tom C

Chuck - Thu 18 Jan 2018 22:08:46 #0


We have been on a lot of years. Can't remember just what year we started with The Junkyard. Lots of great guys/gals. Some fantastic blacksmithing---art has been produced through the years.
I think I built my farrier forge in the 2001 or early 2002. I went to Joe Cordova's hammer-in in 2003, I think.
Met a lot of well known folks in the knife world.
Perry, Okla. Purcel, Ok
Bill, Dianne Davis, Glenn Franklin, Nathan Robertson would like to hear from them some more. Steve Parker, Thomas Power Jerry Duran lots of folks to remember.
Everytime I think of Papa Wilson I have a sag in my rhythm. All my kids and grand-kids know to stay a-way from galvanize.
Waugh was always admired.
God has been good to all of us, even the ones that rubbed dogs bellies instead of bending a knee.

Darrell - Fri 19 Jan 2018 01:27:00 #0

Thanks for the support

I really like this site and the people that post on it.
I'm guilty as most of you about just reading and not posting.
I have learned much from you guys and am still trying to put that knowledge to use.
I know I ruffled a few feathers when I first started. At that time I was simply trying
to clean up the spam.
At this time I am almost full-time in my shop with several projects in process.
The current priority is rebuilding an old BOSS 10. Once I get that done,
I will be using it to make some parts to get my air hammer running.
The BOSS 10 will start out as a three axis CNC mill. I also have a 12 x 36 Enco Lathe. Eventually I will convert it to CNC also.
With the knife grinder I built, and the propane tank forge I plan to try knife making.
Chuck, I understand about problems typing, I am a very poor at two finger typing.
That is why I bought a program called Dragon speak. It types as fast as I can talk.

Bert - Fri 19 Jan 2018 10:53:18 #0

Gotta Add My $.02

worth about Thanking Darrell and missing this site too if it were to close. How else would I know there will be a machine shop in Ocean View, HI? You worried about incoming NK missiles down there, or was that just Honolulu? Don't recall ever seeing one of those reader boards on the Big Island.

Been busy w/ a new lean-2 project myself (pics posted). Need to move a 'bunch-o-crap' out of my shop and separate the wood and metal BEFORE I set a pile of sawdust afire with a hot spark and park the newer truck outta the weather... Seems at 70, doing it myself, in the winter (Western OR style... not REAL Winter like a lot of you have) everything just takes Forever.... Had to make my own brackets to attach the joists to the pallet rack rails too, good thing I had my shop and tools.

Anyway, I'm pretty much just a 'lurker' by nature but take great comfort in knowing that when I do have a question or something to share about blacksmithing, or most anything to do w/ metal, I will get a straight forward answer here and maybe some pictures of how to do it.

Speaking of pictures, I find the gallery a great resource too, losing that would be a big disappointment.

And I Really Enjoy Chuck's 'life stories'.

Thnx again Darrell and Everybody....

Loren T - Fri 19 Jan 2018 11:42:39 #0


I echo many of the feelings expressed here concerning this forum. I think the numbers of contributors dwindles for many reasons. We're all getting older. I'm 72, soon to be 73. We've reached the stage in life where our friends and acquaintances are going away, leaving us with memories, good and bad. Our physical abilities are more strained, most often supported by a plethora of pills. Life has changed drastically from the days of Keen junk.Computer generations are not 20 years like humans, but shorter and shorter. Just think of all the new stuff that has cropped up,(and died),over the last couple years. My son, who is 42, hasn't gone on his computer for a couple of years. Everything is done on his i-phone.
2 1/2 years ago I moved to Sun City, Arizona. I promptly joined the metalworking club. After 40 years of welding, fabrication, and smithing I was eager to help impart my knowledge to anyone wanting it. What I discovered was a political quagmire run by a bunch of oldtimers who jealously guarded their domain, NONE of whom had ever worked a day in the metal trades. If someone wanted to know how to do something, I was invisible. 90% of the clubs activities centered around a plasma-cam. I left them and moved on. Now in Oklahoma, I have the use of my son's 40 x 50 shop and have a dozen projects in progress.
I too feel that Ellen may have passed, or is no longer able to respond. I visited her several years ago in Mesa where she lived and had a very nice shop. I enjoy reading other peoples entries and would be sorry to see it go away. Many thanks Darrell for your efforts. (Please excuse the rambling tone of this entry)

Jeff Reinhardt - Fri 19 Jan 2018 16:19:53 #0

Guilty of lurking and not posting much. I will try to amend my ways :)

Jeremy K - Fri 19 Jan 2018 17:32:22 #0

scrounging around

Been scrounging around the shop and finding all sorts of stuff ive been accumulating, For starters I found the mat'ls to make a 9-10" long ribbon burner - even a 50lb bag of unused castable refractory - bought some crayons today and will start the process of making a ribbon burner this weekend between other work scheduled already. Hope everyone is going into this year healthy and happy. - Jeremy K

Bert - Fri 19 Jan 2018 17:38:01 #0

Loren T

I see no need to ask excuse for rambling.... Sometimes it's forums like this that provide us all an opportunity to 'ramble on' about stuff we are all dealing with... And I'm grateful for its availability...

Chuck - Fri 19 Jan 2018 21:55:15 #0


Tanner went with me. t o eye-ball some log splitters.
I intend to build a splitter while thinking of using it as a press when the wood detail is done.
I know the difficulties. but will plan before hand on how to move the floor up( drilling two holes in a re-enforced shelf to hold the bottom flatter with added dies).( will leave the splitting wedge below} I have some grand-sons that will help me figure it out. They will probably do the actual building.

The gallery is cherished.
ALEX and all that post pictures are much appreciated.
JOHN ODUM has been quiet. Hope all is well with him and MURTLE.
I am still conservative but think others should have their own ideas.
Love this bench, pick-up, hammer-in---How ever it feels to everybody.

Joe Rollings - Fri 19 Jan 2018 23:06:34 #0

I'd like it to keep going

BUT, Don't have a lot to contribute. Any news of Ellen would be welcome. and I am gratified that Chuck is still here. Winding down and willing to surrender to the new bunch. NOT willing to start with facebook, though. Just as soon stop altogether. God bless all artisans.....Joe

gavainh - Sat 20 Jan 2018 04:23:33 #0


I haven't visited too often in the past year and half and it's even longer since I posted. Didn't even get to any blacksmith meeting/events last year. I had to re-invent myself for work, and became an independent contractor for a group that issues quality certifications to lab's testing aerospace materials. Last year kept me really busy going world wide for audits. This year the start is the same, but looks as though it will slow a bit after the first quarter and I might be able to actually doe some smithing, (if I can remember how to swing a hammer). I've also had a few health issues - atrial fibrillation (under control with meds) and I need to plan on a knee replacement this year. I've been putting that off for too long.

It's always good to be able to come back to this site and see/hear what people have been up to - as Jeff said, I'll try to mend my ways.

brucegodlesky - Sat 20 Jan 2018 08:03:54 #0

Golly , look at everyone comin' outta the woodwork (BOG) Good to see!!
Gavainh, you still in Latrobe?

Startin' to red out the part of the shop where I haven't been for awhile. Lost some W2 and feel it may be hiding in the wood collection......

Mixed feelings about FB. Incredible outreach for small bidness but I get increasingly weary of all the whiners........

Jeff Reinhardt - Sat 20 Jan 2018 08:24:24 #0

Today is install a water heater for the youngest. Should not be too bad, allowing that I have to Get the rear wheel drive S-10 out of the snow covered hilly windy drive way :)

Gavainh - Sat 20 Jan 2018 10:43:19 #0


I'm still in western PA - my wife and I have homes in both Ligonier Township and in Jackson Township near Cranberry. I'm mostly basing out of the Jackson Twp location, as I'm doing a lot of travel by plane - it's a lot easier to get to the Pittsburgh airport from Jackson Twp than from Ligonier. I'm currently in France for a week and a half of work - naturally the really neat nearby castle is closed for January. Going to try to get to the "black" cathedral in Clermont-Ferrand tommorow - construction started in the 1300's and it's called black because it was built from local black lava rocks "Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption Cathedral" I did find out that France has a chain of Irish shops "Le Comptoir Irlandais" decent selection of Irish, Scottish, and Breton single malts.
Going to try to get to the PAABA meeting to be held at John Groll's shop in February - for a change, I'm not running off for an audit somewhere. If my schedule doesn't change, I'll get to add Poland and the Czech Republic to the list of countries I've gone to for work.

Tom C - Sat 20 Jan 2018 13:16:00 #0

I called Ellen's cell# & got a "this number not in service" recording. The landline for her business went to a fax noise. I'll keep investigating.

It's 60 degrees here & I have the shop door open to let in some heat.

Tom C

Buck Brown - Sat 20 Jan 2018 13:45:20 #0

Checking in

WOW! What a pleasant surprise to hear from all of you this morning! I too check in every morning and have been saying I need to post.
Sure hope you can keep this site going, Darrell. We only have flip phones and donít text or do any social media. Iíll be 74 in April and just donít really care to learn how to do all that. Also, I sure can relate to the not being able to do what I used to be able to do. We had a feed store in Colorado for awhile and I could carry 3 50# bags at once. Now just one is a challenge!
It has been terrible dry here. Our total preciptation for 2017 was 5.86 inches. Weíre doing a little better this year. Weíve had 0.41 inches this month.
I too have been busy cleaning and organizing the shop. A neighbor knows I do blacksmithing and has two nephews that are interested. They are going to be here in a couple weeks and I was asked to do a demo for them. Isnít it amazing how knowing company is coming will motivate you to clean?
Thanks so much for your efforts keeping this site up Darrell. I started way back when Neil was doing it. Be a shame for it to go away.
Tom C...thanks for checking on Helen for us.

Jeff Reinhardt - Sat 20 Jan 2018 19:04:16 #0

Got the hot water heater in and heating by about 1:30 this afternoon. Youngest just reported that she has hot water, and no visible leaks.

My good friend Butch Sparks came by to help with the heater on his way home from a half day's work, then we moved to my shop and made messalunas. In a short afternoon we made 8. starting to stock up for this coming season. Also made a new design for me a rocking pizza cutter. It is forged, needs grinding and heat treat.

The snow is melting and 48F outside felt like a heat wave.

Jeff Reinhardt - Sat 20 Jan 2018 19:51:57 #0

Forgot to mention that as I was closing the gate valve to isolate the hot water tank, the valve bonnet came off in my hand, leaving me with a valve body but no bonnet-stem gate etc, and so full pressure cold water was spraying me and the hallway. Dropped to my good knee and swiped the ball valve to isolate the house and the spray stopped. Boy was that surprising. Never ever had a bonnet come off like that and let me tell you I have opened and closed many in all my years in old factories and old houses. Lost maybe a gallon but it sure flew around.

Chuck - Sat 20 Jan 2018 23:16:44 #0


Gonna tell little of what we did today.
During the Christmas family gathering. The nietos put up a 37 X 21 car port for Us.
The concrete guys had put in weld pads when they poured the slab back in 2003. I do not know what they anchored the pads with.

We had a 60 and up wind a couple of weeks ago. It made a little concrete dust spewed out around the weld pads, on three 4X4 thin wall rectangular pipes.
Another nieto and I decided to not wait on the other boys to come back. This grandson can't stick weld thin walled pipe. He drilled the holes in the concrete He did it all but the welding.
I have been virtually one eyed all my life. stigmatism in my left has made it a follower. I now have wet Macular Degeneration in the right(strong) eye. SO I have a black screen to see through on my good eye and no depth perception with my weak left eye. You would have laughed to watch a fellow --blind n one eye and can't see out of the other---weld the 3/16" angle iron to the thin walled pipe.
I got it done but it does look like a blind fellow did it by touch. The other boys will come by and clean up the welds for us.
Supposed to have high wind tomorrow--Maybe we got it hooked down some better.

We did bolt the angle to the concrete and weld the pads to it where we could. It should be alright. Grin
Damn I like this getting old. The cheeks of my butt are going to be sore tomorrow. Grin.
Good Night & God Bless

Loren T - Sat 20 Jan 2018 23:52:11 #0

Welding thin wall pipe

My first job as a welder was working in an ornamental iron shop while going to college. I was brand new at it. I had a friend's father teach me how to strike an arc and run a bead one Sunday afternoon so I could apply for the job. All we had were Lincoln AC tombstone welders and 6011 1/8" rod which is high penetration. Our ornamental columns were made of 16ga. tubing and when welding them I learned to keep a rod with the flux removed to use as a filler when blowing a hole through the tubing. Essentially gas welding with an arc, rather than a torch. I got good enough at it that I started doing piece work and made very good money. My boss never had enough funds and many times he had to pay me over 2 paychecks.

Darrell - Sun 21 Jan 2018 14:53:09 #0


Well after several months of waiting for parts to come in the mail the CNC mill actually ran yesterday.
Now comes the process of cleaning up the wiring and adding a couple of bells and whistles.
One thing is flood coolant, another is an encoder to read spindle speed.
Then begins programming with Fusion 360 to make parts.
First project will be to get my hammer running.




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